Launch Event_

Phambili Mzansi Launch Event_

Phambili Mzansi launches their plans to move South Africa Forward_

06 August 2015- Johannesburg

South Africa, Africa and the world is at a crossroads. Young people are dispondent and have lost hope in the dream that freedom promised. But that hope was restored on Thursday, 06 August 2015, when a group of brave young people launched Phambili Mzansi. An iniative aimed at developing a cohort of South African leaders that will unlock the unrealised potential of Africa we need a bold viechle to achieve this. Phambili Mzansi is that viechle, that aims to create a community of young African leaders that represent every corner of the African continent, these young people are emerging leaders in every sector and industry on the African continent. These young people are bold changemakers who drive Africa’s ultimate success in the future success of the continent. They are harnessing their human potential through intergenerational exhcnage.

As a NPO (Non-Profit Organization) we seek to connect people, knowledge and resource to drive positive authentic change in Africa. Phambili Mzansi will do this by creating a number of projects that achieve this vision as it grows. The very first is the INAUGURAL INDABA!

During the launch, the Premier of Gauteng David Makhura commended our founder and Managing Director Lizolethu Rensburg on helping to restore the promise of the youth.

Rensburg and the team behind this amazing iniative hopes to use Phambili Mzansi to

  • Develop the next generation of leadersin business and the public service through our unique leadership education programme. This will enable these leaders to share their knowledge through peer mentoring other young Africans through learning from the wisdom of their elders.
  • We focus on identifying the most pressing challenges and then developing practical solutions to some of these challenges.
  • These solutions will be launched in an incubations space through smart and multi-sectoral investment which includes mentoring and financial support.

Remembering why they started this group of changemakers dared their peers and the elders alike to be difference by signing up to join them . They know Phambili Mzansi has extraordinary ambitions and we can't do it alone. We need your help_