Annual Indaba

Annual Indaba

The annual Indaba  will be the platform for intergenerational conversation. Through the Indaba we aim to authentically educate young South African delegates on key topics that reflect on the reality of South Africa and Africa. The conference will feature 150 delegates from all over the country over a period of 4 days, who are potential and aspiring leaders in all aspects of society. The Indaba will be segmented into 5 aspects to ensure that these young leaders are well educated and channeled on how to construct the future of South Africa through leadership and the knowledge. The Indaba will be segmented into the following 5 aspects namely: Plenaries, Breakaway Sessions, Situation Room, Angel Networks and The Special Session.


Phambili Mzansi aims to connect people, link knowledge and utilize resources. Through the plenaries we will achieve this as we strive to educate our delegates on issues that affect South Africa and leaders when leading the country on a daily. Throughout the Indaba, the following plenaries will be focused on:

  • Business and Economy
  • Education
  • Environment
  • Governance
  • Health
  • Sports, arts and culture
  • Women empowerment

Breakaway Sessions

Each plenary will be followed by a breakaway session, in which the delegates will be divided into smaller groups, to effectively discuss, challenge and give opinion on the plenary they have engaged with. This sets our Indaba apart from any conference as we strive to make it about the young leaders, to create the space for their voice to be heard and their perceptions on the plenary. This we believe links knowledge and gives understanding for leaders to be on the same boat.

Situation Room

Phambili Mzansi will offer a unique opportunity to the delegates to scale up and build on to existing projects that solve socio-economic and political issues in South Africa. Through what only Phambili Mzansi offers in its situation rooms. The situation rooms intend to simply create 10 social projects of which 5 are fully funded for the period of one year provided that they solve socio-economic & political challenges faced by our nation today. The situation room is a platform of opportunity for the delegates to converse and network with current leaders of various. We aim to integrate government and corporations within our situation room, to enhance the experience of the delegates and to aid them to finding solutions to the socio-economic problems in South Africa.

Angel Networks

Our Angel networks create a platform for those delegates who have an entrepreneurial spirit and have businesses or concepts to make it a reality. Our Angel Networks will offer a unique opportunity to 20 young businesses from delegates attending the Indaba, that will allow them to receive funding, empowering mentorship & further business support. Phambili Mzansi does this with the aim to generate value in our economy through small businesses & with an intension of disarming the ticking time bomb that is youth unemployment. Successful delegates will be allowed to pitch their business or concept at the Indaba and the successful delegates will be announced at the end of the Indaba.

The Special Session

This aims to give the 150 young leaders a unique talk about what it means to be an African. The talk will be centered towards:

  • The African identity
  • Social cohesion
  • Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Phambili Mzansi through its unique indaba style intends to create, mold and produce the leaders of tomorrow in business, politics and civil society that will move not only South Africa but also our home & continent Africa forward.